SMACH. Constellation of art, culture and history


The artworks are meant to arouse the interest in art and to enhance the Dolomites area, where the works have been located. Through the connection between art and nature SMACH wants to support the acquaintance of historical, cultural and traditional aspects of San Martin de Tor. Visitors will also be emotionally involved through a prolific combination of extraordinary nature, local architecture style and innovative art. 

 “Border” is this year’s theme of SMACH and the exhibited Land-Art/Public-Art works show many different interpretations of it. The artists perceived "borders" as a not quite comprehensible and mysterious "place" that offers, at the same time, boundless possibilities of approach. 

 The same subject is also connected to the exhibition of the Ladin Museum Ćiastel de Tor “1914-1918 / Beyond any border / Ladin people talk about their history” (17/07/2015-26/06/2016) and the exhibition "Confins" (borders) of the Ladin Artists Association EPL, exposed at the Ladin Institute Micurà de Rü.


4.7 - 9.9.2015
Assoziaziun Turistica San Martin

Work done  
Curator, drafting of texts and coordinator of the project